• Rent a bike A cycling vacation sure to capture your heart as you take time to indulge in a slower paced lifestyle.
  • Bike tours It is the best way to discover a region and stay healthy. Feel free to travel at your own pace and discover the beauty of the local countryside.
  • Walking tours in Gdansk Our tours run daily. We have many different styles of walking tours.
Bike rental, bike tours and walking tours in Gdańsk.

Our bike rental company offer high quality bikes and tours with the best prices and discounts in Gdańsk . Working 7 days a week, we take care about convenience to choose the most comfortable time for your bike rental hours in Gdansk. Also you have opportunity to book bikes and tours in advance through our website or TripAdvisor just contact with us by email.

Imagine yourself pedaling through rich historical landscapes and enjoying spectacular scenery on a guided bike tour. Whether you prefer to discover ancient architectural gems on your own two wheels or if you prefer to climb the vast, epic mountain pistes, our legendary guided bike tours won't disappoint.

  • Full safety We have brand new bikes, not used by somebody before. Like this can be sure, that we provide you bike in perfect condition.

  • Low costs We provide maps, helmets, lady seats and bike locks without extra charge.

  • Amazing expirience We have paid particular attention on little known, hard-to-reach places and tried to make each tour a unique experience with a special flavor.

  • Level of our Bike Tours Our trips are designed for all skill levels and whether you are a beginner or an advanced rider there is the right amount of mileage.

  • Private Tours They are for those of you that don’t want to mingle with other guests and that want to travel with their own group of friends or family only.

  • Open during all year We open during all year every day. For your convenience, there is opportunity to book bikes without prepayment just sending us email or sms.

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Our wonderful itineraries are unique to The Wayfarers. Even in well-visited areas, we offer inspired routes and local contacts that you won't find with any other tour company.

We make your journey perfec for reasonable price.

We provide the best service making our guests come back again and again.